Well, Here We Go

08/02/2011Posted by Keli'lkuloa


I have finally gotten around to committing to this blog.  I created the site last December (2010) and I'm finally here.

What precipitated the commitment is the opportunity to attend the 2011 Honolulu Slack Key Festival with Patrick Landeza.  Since I was, technically speaking, a student of Patrick, I got myself registered to attend the Slack Key Immersion with his group, which included the festival.

When I decided to learn slack key a couple of years ago, I purchased Patrick's DVD.  Hence the student moniker.

What a great opportunity to kick off the blog by documenting the experience.  I'm looking forward to the learning opportunities that will be afforded by the Patrick's largess of allowing me to accompany him on the Slack Key Immersion.

Thank you Patrick!