Ukulele T-Shirt Company

08/11/2011Posted by Keli'lkuloa


Getting ready for the Patrick Landeza Slack Key Immersion, I discovered we needed a T-Shirt for the event.  Interesting, I thought - custom T-Shirts.  This WAS a production.


Ukulele Player Wow!  I love this site.  The shirts are located at the Ukulele T-Shirt Company.  They have a full selection of products that are generally ukulele themed.

This is an example of one of the T-Shirts.  They have sizes and colors, and, based on what I read, are printed on demand.  Interesting concept.

A very interesting concept.  As a matter of fact, they allow custom designed T-Shirts and products - you provide the designs and wear the results.

Need T-Shirts for a family reunion?  Create them yourself for your event or whatever.  That sparked the creative part of me, and now, can't wait to see what a haole slack key player would look like.