The Turn-Around King

08/28/2011Posted by Keli'lkuloa


Sonny Chillingworth has to be the turn-around king. 

I've been listening to a couple of Sonny CD's for a couple of years now.  But that seems to be ALL I did - listen to the music as a whole.

I'm a software developer by trade, and I use slack key as background music (in headphones) for a large part of my day.  Slack key makes wonderful programming music.

But the last month or two, I've been listening to the guitar in back of the music.  It seems to effortless.  And the turn-arounds - my goodness.  He just rips them off like nothing.  I can hear the standard turnarounds in the mix, but he seems to just flow into the turn-around.  It sounds so natural, it's almost like no turn-around at all - just an extension of the song.

So I've been learning some of the songs and turn-arounds, and my playing has taken a huge leap forward.  He seems to mix and match all up and down the neck as though they weren't turn arounds at all.  Each note crisp and clear.  No mudiness there.  Once I got my wife to really listen as I had, she asked what kind of guitar he played, what kind of strings, etc.  Kind of brings it home - it is the player, not the equipment.

What a great player - makes the complex seem so easy and natural.  And he does this while he is singing.   I am in awe of such capability.