Jim "Kimo" West

09/07/2011Posted by Keli'lkuloa


Up to now, I haven't really owned any Jim West music.  Oh sure, I have him on 3-4 compilation CD's, but I haven't really owned a complete CD.

I can't remember what I heard, but something made me go to Amazon and download one of his album's.


I purchased Slack Key West by Jim "Kimo" West and downloaded.  There were several songs I really wanted to hear, namely Maria Elena (one of my all time best loved guitar songs), Beyond the Reef (I'd never heard a guitar version but love the song), and Espaniolo.  These are probably not exactly traditional slack key, but certainly something I wanted to hear.

The album inspired me to want to learn to play some of these songs, but alas, no liner notes.  Since I downloaded from Amazon, no liner notes.  When I can't figure out the tuning by myself, I usually turn to the liner notes to help. But, no such luck here.

As an editorial comment, electronic liner notes would be nice for those of us in the digital age.  But I digress.

I located Jim's email address on his website, and emailed him to see if he would be kind enough to help me with some tunings.  Turns out, he was very willing to snail mail me the liner notes booklet - just needed my address.  This was MUCH, MUCH more than I had expected.  Wonderful guy - and I highly recommend his slack key music.

Many thanks, Jim, for your help.  Looking forward to your next album.