Na Lani O Maui

11/07/2011Posted by Keli'lkuloa


Jim "Kimo" West has just released a new slack key album, 'Na Lani O Maui'.  While earlier CD's may have songs in tunings that are, shall we say, not exactly standards, this CD is mostly in Taro Patch (although tuned lower), with some in C Major (Atta's C), and one in C Moana Loa.

The songs are very easy listening (nahenahe) in the typical Jim West style.  Several of them are his own compositions, while others are some standards.  His version of Hi'ilawe is crisp, clear, and brings Gabby to mind.  His rendition of Hula Blues does credit to Uncle Sonny.

One song in particular shows off his virtuosity - How'd Ya Do.  This very traditional song is most always done on a steel guitar.  Jim does great credit to this wonderful song.

All in all, this is a must have CD.  I purchased it from Amazon instead of downloading since I dearly want the liner notes.

On a separate note altogether, I purchased his previous CD "Slack Key West" from Amazon but downloaded the MP3's.  I decided I needed the liner notes since some of the tunings were unfamiliar to me.  I emailed Jim West to see if he could help me identify a couple of tunings.  He sent me a hard copy of the liner notes instead.  Truly above and beyond.  I have corresponded with Jim West a couple of times since, and have come to learn that he is a stand up guy - humble and willing to help a slack key devotee.