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12/30/2011Posted by Keli'lkuloa


My day job is all about creating web sites, or more specifically, creating computer applications that are delivered by browser across the internet.  You could say that I sit professionally.

I have created many, many websites.  In fact, I have helped build entire businesses that use the web to do business.  You could say that I'm pretty savvy when it comes to using, and evaluating, web technology - and to quote a famous line, ‘no brag, just fact’.

I've been (trying to) play Slack Key for about three years now.  Being somewhat isolated (Slack Key wise) in Salt Lake City, I get my Slack Key news and information from the web.  Short of a pilgrimage to Hawaii, that is pretty much the ONLY place I can go to learn how to play Slack Key.  I can truthfully say, thank goodness for YouTube.  This site has been a wealth of information.  Songs, personalities, performances, even demonstrations and examples of playing that help me over the occassional Slack Key hurdle.

And thank goodness for Wanda Certo (Auntie Wanda) for all she does to help the Slack Key community.

My wife and I spent a week last August  (2011) in Waikiki as part of the Patrick Landeza Slack Key Immersion.  Many, many thanks for Patrick for all he does to promote Slack Key.  While I was there, I was decrying the woeful state of Slack Key artists websites.  YouTube is great, but once you get outside that and onto the websites of many of the Slack Key artists, their websites could be much, much better.  Wanda pointed out that this might stem from a prized cultural trait of many Hawaiians for humility.  And I recognize that this is truly a good thing.

But let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.  A Slack Key artist was coming to Salt Lake City to perform.  Don't faint - that's right, someone was actually coming to SLC.  Tickets would be limited due to the venu and I wanted to purchase tickets early to ensure a seat for me and my wife.  I wouldn't want to miss this.

I tried mightly to purchase tickets online as advertised.  Couldn't be done.  Try as I might, I couldn't make it happen.  I ended up purchasing tickets at the door and the performance was memorable - couldn't be better.

But you can still be humble and have a usable website.  These things are not mutually exclusive.

I'm not being critical, I'm just suggesting that with a little more work, the experience on the business side of the Slack Key world could be improved to the betterment of all.

And this beings me to Keola Beamer.  I've come to Keola's music later in my Slack Key journey.  Don't know why I didn't get to his music sooner, but there it is. 

His website is exceptional.  Professionaly done it is a treasure trove.  And everything on his site works as advertised, flawlessly.  He is a great example of upping the Slack Key internet game.  Not only is his site very well done, you can actually take lessons from Keola via Skype.  Imagine, being able to learn from a Slack Key great from anywhere in the world.

Of course, I had to try it out.  I am now taking Slack Key lessons from Keola Beamer, and the experience is wonderful.  Right from my office in Utah, I can learn from one of the masters.  This is probably the pinnacle of using internet technogy in the Slack Key world. 

I would imaging that other artists will eventually get better at using the internet as a tool to promote Slack Key also.  I can only hope. 

What a wonderful, modern world we live in.