Mahalo Na Kupuna

05/11/2012Posted by Keli'lkuloa


I'm a haole, of course.  If you have read any of the posting here, it is evident.

I started learning slack key 3-4 years ago (2009-ish).  I heard the lovely song by Ozzie Kotani, Ku'u Kika Kahiko and just had to buy a guitar.

Since then, I have had many interactions with some of the revered elders (so to speak) of the slack key world, and without exception, have met with nothing but encouragement and great aloha. 

I have been privileged to receive instruction from some of them (Ozzie Kotani, Cyril Pahinui, Jeff Peterson and Keola Beamer).  They have helped me on my journey to learn to play slack key. 

Along the way, they have not only helped me to play the guitar, but have worked to enlighten me with Hawaiian culture, history and language.  They have openly shared their knowledge and skills with me, a mere mainland haole with a desire to learn.  They have treated me with great aloha - and for this I say, "Mahalo Na Kupuna". 

Thank you -
Jim Scott
The big island of Salt Lake