Slack Key

After 4-5 years playing Slack Key, I wanted to start singing some of the music, not just play instrumentals. Don't get me wrong, Slack Key is still my main interest. But I noticed that there was generally not a lot of overlap with 'ukulele hula style mele.

So I got an 'ukulele from a good friend of mine, and started learning.

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'Ukulele/Hula Auana

'Ukulele/Hula Auana Resources

Hula Kahiko

Pua Ana Ka Malanai Hula School facilitates a clip of Aunty Edith Kanakaole, Aunty Edith McKinzie, and Aunty Hoakalei Kamauu explaining our distinct traditional cultural values. Values Kumu Hula once shared across different halau and held to the highest standard. It is important to note that these true traditional Hawaiian values are not at all consistent with those who say something to the tune of: "the way I see it every thing is always changing." That's a half truth and may be more an assimilated Western value than a Hawaiian one.

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